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MiniLens™ - Wide Angle Mini Wifi Camera

MiniLens™ - Wide Angle Mini Wifi Camera

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Experience the power of discreet surveillance with our ultra powerful MiniLens.

With its tiny size, the MiniLens ensures effortless placement, making monitoring your surroundings more convenient.

Equipped with a high-quality camera, the MiniLens capture crystal-clear video and images even in low light conditions. Plus, it enables you to view Date via an app on your phone or tablet.

Capture HD Videos In The Most Discreet Way Possible

  • Ultra Discreet - The MiniLens is compact and portable, allowing for discreet placement in any location. Set up the camera quickly and effortlessly, with user-friendly instructions and mounting accessories included.
  • HD Resolution - Experience crystal-clear image quality and stunning HD video recording with the MiniLens. Effortlessly capture sharp, detailed footage even in challenging low-light or dim conditions.
  • Motion Detection - With advanced motion detection technology, the MiniLens initiates automatic recording upon detecting movement. Its wide-angle lens provides an expansive perspective, guaranteeing extensive coverage of the surrounding area.
  • Wifi Connectivity - Effortlessly establish a seamless connection between the camera and your home or office Wifi network. Take charge and monitor the MiniLens from anywhere using the dedicated mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.

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