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SmartBreeze™ - Remote Control Fan with LED Lighting

SmartBreeze™ - Remote Control Fan with LED Lighting

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Stay cool effortlessly with PlugBreeze, the Socket Fan Pro that transforms your power outlet into a refreshing breeze.

This compact and adjustable fan plugs directly into your socket, providing a customizable cooling experience.

Whether you're working at your desk, relaxing in the living room, or sleeping through warm nights, SmartBreeze becomes your discreet and efficient cooling solution. Enjoy the refreshing airflow without sacrificing valuable space, as SmartBreeze seamlessly integrates into your living spaces to keep you cool and comfortable.

Pro-Level Cooling, Power in Every Socket

  • Integrated Fan in Socket - SmartBreeze offers a unique design with an integrated fan in a socket, providing a compact and efficient cooling solution. The design maximizes space utilization while delivering a cooling breeze.
  • Adjustable Fan Speeds - The socket fan pro includes adjustable fan speeds, allowing users to control the intensity of the airflow. SmartBreeze's design caters to personalized comfort preferences for a tailored cooling experience.
  • Energy-Efficient Design - With an energy-efficient design, SmartBreeze minimizes power consumption while providing effective cooling. The thoughtful design balances functionality with energy conservation for sustainable and cost-effective use.
  • Night Light Feature - The socket fan pro comes with a built-in night light feature, adding versatility to its functionality. SmartBreeze's design enhances the ambient lighting in a room while providing a cooling breeze, making it suitable for various settings.

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